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One of A Kind Dog Walking LLC
Providing one of a kind care for your best friend!


My name is Jackie Hurteau, I am the owner and founder of One of A Kind Dog Walking LLC. My passion for animals started when I was a little girl. I spent summers outside with family – friend’s dogs, cats and horses. I was always the girl at the party who was on the floor visiting with the animals. Growing up I had a pair of gerbils named Coffee & Dunkin, A parakeet named Angel, A cocker spaniel mix named Jasmine and a Cairn terrier mix named Mickey. I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians or any Disney movie that involved dogs really.

For the past 11 years I have had the pleasure of working professionally with dogs and cats. I started out in a doggie daycare / kennel. From there I went on to spend 7 years assisting a dog trainer in Basic Manners classes, Canine Good Citizens classes & Clicker Unleashed. At the same time I attended Great Bay Community College where I studied Veterinary Technology and interned at several different Veterinary Hospitals. After graduating college in 2016 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. I took up a position as a dog grooming assistant. I’ve been pet sitting part time since college. I love working with all different breeds, of all different sizes, ages and temperaments. Some of my favorite dog breeds are Pomeranians, French Mastiffs and German Shepherds. Cat breeds I admire would be Bengals, Maine Coons and Abyssinians.  I dream of one day owning a Dutch Shepherd and competing in Agility, Dock Diving and Obedience.

In high school I raised a little black and white kitten named Bella. Baby Bella, as I affectionately called her was my first cat. She was a sassy, lovable girl who enjoyed eating and playing fetch like a dog. Bella was only apart of my life for 3 short years. Sadly she was taken from me after going into liver failure due to tainted cat food. I never got another cat after my Bella. But I was fortunate enough to live with my sister’s darling little dilute calico, Ariel for years afterwards. 

I currently cater to a 13 year old terrier mix named Tia. Who I adopted 12 years ago from a shelter in VT. Despite losing her eyesight and recently being diagnosed with Bladder Cancer Tia enjoys hiking, puzzle toys and anything to do with food! Tia & I participated in several dog sports before she went blind. Agility, Rally Obedience & Nosework.  She also hiked many of the NH 48 4,000 footers. Tia has taught me a lot about terriers and dogs in general. She is an intelligent, feisty dog who stole my heart the moment I met her.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Nathan, hiking New Hampshire’s many beautiful mountains, trying out different restaurants all over the state, visiting the ocean, and listening to audio-books.

One of A Kind Dog Walking was established in April 2022. After years of dreaming, I’ve finally made my dream to start my own pet care business a reality. I always knew from a young age I wanted to work with animals. After years of working with pets professionally I finally discovered what makes me the happiest. Providing loving, excellent care for the four legged companions in our lives. I am so excited to start on this new journey. I cannot wait to start taking one of a kind care of your best friend(s)!  

CPR & First Aid Certified, Degree in Veterinary Technology from Great Bay, Fully Insured through Pet Sitter Associates and National Association of Professional Petsitters certified.


Service Area?

One of A Kind Dog Walking services Concord, Loudon and Bow, New Hampshire. Outside my service area? I'm happy to try and help refer you to another business in your area.

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